Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Joel Osteen

Every day should be started with a praise.Don't talk how great your problem is,talk about how great your God is.mediocres dont please God

Friday, 10 April 2015


raise the Lord. My dear brethren; we serve a God who is merciful and loving. From heaven, He watches over us looking to see if what we do to Him is a sign of our love to Him. Sometimes faith without action does not wholly please Him. He expects real sign of our faith to Him.
One of my friends while in college told me that “it is good to offer sacrifice to God through tithe and offerings but what touches God is that sacrifice that hurts”.
He went ahead to explain to me that “what hurts must be tangible and substantial. You must feel it when you are giving it out especially when you consider the opportunity cost”.
I went home thinking about those words. It is true that we cannot give God more than He has given us. We should be assured that whatever we give to Him is a measure of our faith to Him and it does not go unnoticed. God will remember you or your loved one in time of need and He will protect you from ways of the evil.
Let’s turn to the book of 1KINGS17:7-23.Reading that part we are told that the window had little oil and flour that was only enough for her and her own son. It was during a famine season and she even told Elijah that if she cook it for him,,,,”then we must die”. Elijah convinced her to cook first for him. The window offered the sacrifice that hurt by cooking for Elijah at the expense of herself and her son.
We are told that the jar of flour and that of oil never run empty. In addition to that, when the son of that window died, Elijah through the help of God restored his life once again.
May be it is the hurting sacrifice that we will give of helping that struggling child in our neighborhoods or helping our pastor or tithing that we make our God to heal us, bless us abundantly and even protect us. I believe the ball is on our side and God is waiting to see if we will give that hurting sacrifice to Him and He will do to us  more than we can ask or imagine.

Friday, 27 February 2015

As I was going to church in the rural area of Kinangop Kenya, I was passed by a motorcyclist who was running his errand. As he was approaching a car wash, people idling there   started   shouting at him “fire!”They could tell him to alight from his motor cycle and stand far from it because the possibility of it exploding was very high. I heard them say that motorcycle engine is fueled with petrol which ignites easily. His motorcycle had developed some “short circuit” that resulted to the fire. Luckily though, some young men who were washing their client’s vehicle came with water in buckets and they helped put off the fire. At the end of it all, somebody’s motorcycle was saved and more so his source of his livelihood was salvaged.
Lesson: God loves even those who think God does not love them. He even cares for those that does not know Him or care to know Him. His unconditional loves surpasses our ignorance which may result from lack of knowledge of Him and His power. God will be there for you when you least expect Him to be there for you. I had the conviction that the cyclist had to be near the car wash to help save his motor cycle. This did not just happen by coincidence-God was in control. His love for us is always there .The bible says that He knew us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb. We should therefore reciprocate to this great love of Lord Jesus Christ by searching His face.
Psalm 136:23    “In our humiliation He remembered us, for His covenant love is everlasting”
God watches us all steps of our way .As we toil everyday feeling lonely and rejected, He is there for you and for me. He created us with purpose and He will not allow us to suffer in this planet without allowing us to experience His love. He is calling on us to trust in Him and to seek Him and He will have ample time to do amazing things in our lives, if you believe it type AMEN.